afriFestival 2022


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Freitag bis Sonntag

8.07.2021 bis 10.07.2021



Freitag 08.07.2022


FR, 19:00

Mehdi Chamma


Vocal, Guembri, E-Guitar & Composition: Mehdi Chamma
Keyboard: Erik Asatrian
Bass: Michael Acker
Drums, Karkabou and Vocal: Abdella Sherif

Mehdi Chamma is a guitarist, Guembri player and singer Originally from Morocco and based in Vienna, writes original music that combines harmonic sophistication, tasty warm grooves, soaring melodies and a deep knowledge of North west African music. Mehdi Chamma composes music with diverse sound colors, integrating a fretless moroccan instrument called the Guembri with the more sophisticated details of contemporary jazz. He uses conventional and extended guitar techniques to create a warm and evocative sound of his own. Writes and sings all original works in his mother tongue the Moroccan Darija, Arabic and English.

The album will be available on all the streaming platforms in 2022




Samstag 09.07.2022


SA, 18:00

Djakali Kone Band

Kambora Orchestra


Musik aus Burkina Faso im Stil Afro-Mandengue / Jazz

Vocal, Kora, Balafon, Djembe: Djakali Kone

Piano: Nikola Stanosevic

Schlagzeug, Acoustic Gitarre: Walter Sitz

Djembe, Congas, Percussion, Vocal: Sidi Keita

Bass: Roby Ster



SA, 20:00

Kim Azas meets Adjamalefou (Republic of Benin)
Special Guest: Don Metok & Pidi sympth

Guitar: Benjie
Guitar Bass: Soulemane chief of the Band
Guitar Ridim: Teddy
Kajon: Samuel

Djembe: Kim Azas & Vocal
Vocal & Cheks: Don Metok
Vocal & Tradional Drum: Pidi Symph


Sonntag 10.07.2022


SO, 17:00 
Trommelsession unter der Leitung von Ibou Ba


SO, 19:00 

Jahson & Kaya Roots Band 


Die Band Jahson & Kaya Roots Band besteht aus 7 Musikern aus Zimbabwe, Wien, Burgenland und Deutschland bzw. Madagaskar. 

Vocals: I Jahson
Drums: Wolfgang Königer
Bass: Simon Baldras
Lead Guitar: Chris Kicker

Riddim Guitar: Martin Miletits

Keys: Lucas Ramamonjisoa

Perc: Sebastian Porstner